HoardingPros Service Levels

Our team understands that the items in your home are extremely valuable to you both financially and emotionally. We thoroughly sort through all items and sell, donate, and recycle anything possible to ensure maximum benefit for the client.

*Level of service is decided by experienced HoardingPros professionals at time of initial assessment/client contact and all prices are baseline and subject to change in consideration of special circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an exact estimate!*

Level 1: Organizing (No Dumpster Rental Necessary)

Whether you or your loved ones are living among a hoard or you just want help organizing the clutter that comes along with everyday life, our professional organizers can help!

The standard price for this service is $175 for one professional organizer for a three-hour session, or $250 for a team of two professional organizers for a three-hour session.  Additional hours may be purchased at $50/per hour for one organizer, and  $75/per hour for two organizers.   Fee may vary slightly depending on client's location; fee is for service only, organizing supplies such as storage containers and bins are extra.

Level 2: Straight Clean-Out

Do you have a space full of clutter? Are you overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin? Let us help! Our team of professional organizers, extreme cleaners, and haulers find your lost valuables and clear out the garbage in a one/two day comprehensive clean-out!

The standard price for this service is $2500/per every 30/40 foot dumpster rented.

*Note: This service level does NOT include the licensed therapist*

Level 3: Specialty Clean-Out

Do you or your family want to organize, clear out the clutter, and get a fresh start but the emotional attachment to your items makes the task seem impossible and overwhelming? Let our full all-service team help you every step of the way. We can provide therapy, organizing, cleaning, and after-care services with a level of compassion that you will not find anywhere else!

HoardingPros is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau