Michigan Area Hoarding Help


Michigan and the metropolitan Detroit area

With Midwestern values such as a good job, friendliness, more forgiving, casual and less legalistic - if someone crosses you, you don't get mad or even, you let it go. In the too distant past, many people moved up to Michigan and the metropolitan Detroit area from the Appalachian states to work for the auto companies to provide this security for them.

Surviving through the Depression era people were faced with a fear of loss, so they began to hold onto everything because it may have some value or use in the future.

As these values were passed down through generations, people would hold onto things that have little or no actual value. Sentimental items are understood, but people will sometimes move their entire passed on family member’s home into their home causing even more stress in the household.

This is when a change in mindset is needed to break this cycle.

At HoardingPros, we understand this type of thinking. When people come from nothing and have some things, they want to hold onto everything they have.

Unfortunately, these behaviors cause people to keep items that impede their movement and health in the home.

We are here to help people take their life back. If you want to take your life back, then please contact us.