Hoarding and Clutter Help In Michigan

Hoarding Pros proudly serves the fine people of southeast and central Michigan. For certain critical situations we will consider working with you if you are located anywhere within Michigan's lower peninsula, or even northern Ohio. Give us a call. We happily evaluate every situation on a case by case basis.


We respect your privacy and dignity. As hoarding, or "collecting" is a very personal matter, please know everything about your situation is held in the highest of confidence by Janet, and the entire Hoarding Pros team.


At Hoarding Pros, we recognize hoarding as a disorder that takes the common every day act of throwing away an object and transforms it into a deep gut-wrenching personal violation.


Hoarding can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. As many as three to six million Americans are afflicted at some level. You are not alone and please know that we are not here to judge you. We are here to help you, and your family.


Our Values

Hoarding Pros works on the time honored principles of integrity, dignity, compassion, and hope. We treat every person we come in contact with, along with their family and friends, as though they are our family members as well. Keeping that in mind, there are times when situations do require a "tough love" approach in order to obtain the desired outcome.

Our Commitment

We are committed to long-term, permanent results. We are a professional organization that believes in treating the mind and emotions of the "hoarder" and their families, with as much fervor as we give to the clutter clean-out and clean up of the home. We are committed to being the best, by offering a full-service hoarding clean-out and care program that is all inclusive, at the best possible rates.